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Here are some tips you might find useful whilst making your projects.

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For those of you who have never worked with Plaster-of-Paris before, never fear our top tips are here. 

1. Make sure you have your whole kit in front of you on a protected surface. That's your four cups, three plastic planter pots, sticky circles, one large tub to mix, an ice cream stick and of course the plaster.

2. Stick the circles provided at the base of the brown plastic plaster pots to cover all the holes, you may need up to three to do this.

3. Lay out three of the white cups in front of you. For ease, use the fourth cup as a measure, you will need 1.5 cups of cold tap water (fill right to the top as this is an exact measurement), then pour into a jug or larger cup. 

4. Open your plaster and pour into the larger white tub. Push down gently with clean fingers. 

5. Using the lollipop stick to stir, pour in the 2/3rds of the water. You want the mix to be runny, like greek yoghurt. Add the extra water in the jug and stir so there are no lumps. You can add more water little bit by bit if required. But don't take more than 5mins to mix this.

6. The plaster will begin to set immediately so once there are no lumps pour in equal amounts into the cups. 

7. Push the prepared brown plant pots into the middle of the cups. They should hold themselves but if not place a stone or spice jar inside. 

8. Leave for over an hour to set and follow the directions provided on your sheet. 

Hope this helps! And we can’t wait to see your pots!

Happy crafting,

Hannah x

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