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The Pressed Flower Masterclass


Product Description

Welcome to the pressed flower Masterclass. The craft box where flower pressing is made modern!

We all love flowers and lots of us even might have a subscription to a florist, or garden full of blooms, even just a love of foraging for wildflowers. Each flower is a memory of a season and a time, we want them to last a little longer!

In this exquisite box you will receive our premium one-of-a-kind large bee engraved wooden flower press. We made it out of birch because it’s naturally super strong and water resistant. On top of this you will receive The Pressed Flower Book, which takes you through all the steps of pressing flowers beautifully. You will learn magical recipes for colouring them, as well as 12 modern design ideas from resin to candle making. Plus! An exquisite glass frame to get you started on your flower pressing journey.

What's in the box:

A5 Engraved birch wood flower press
Flower press metal fixings
A5 Blotting paper x 14 sheets
A5 Card x 8 sheets
7x5 inch metal wire glass frame with rope hanging.
Glue dots
The 100 page Pressed Flowers book for techniques, projects and inspiration
Welcome note

The Pressed Flower Book, contents includes: Selecting the best flowers to press/How to use a flower press/ Colouring Pressed Flowers/ Frame Art/ Craft Paper Making/ Happy Flower Notecards/ Decorated Vintage Photos/ Resin Art/ Bookmark/ Mobile Phone Cover/ Floral Tattoos/Face Art / Edible Pressed Flowers/ Pansy Doughnuts /Pressed Flower Candle Making. Plus lots lots more...

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