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The Queen of Hearts Rose Wreath

£39.99 - £42.99

Product Description

“Paint the roses red!” Demanded the Queen of Hearts. This stunning concept wreath takes the Queen of Hearts wishes literally! A plethora of premium felt roses surround a metal heart shaped wreath base, including red roses in varying sizes hit with a splash of white (the roses that haven’t quite been painted yet!). Surrounded by rich green rose leaves and mounted if you choose with its very own crown on top.

Once completed this wreath measures up to 35cm wide, by 46cm height ( including ribbon) making it a bountiful beauty, perfect to decorate a home, wedding decor or as a token of love!

This project is suitable for beginners.

***This box is not eligible as a subscription swap***

What’s In the Box?

Premium wool mix felt in red, white and green.
Linen ribbon
Glue sticks
Wire heart
Wooden crown
Photographic How to instructions
Welcome Note

Requires a glue gun

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