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The Honey & Lilac Rainbow


Product Description

This delicious design will get you buzzing with delight. The heavenly combination of lilac and honey toned yarn really does make a treat of a rainbow. Topped with our classic bee design cut from birch wood gives a professionally finished looking piece of rope art. This stylish modern wall hanging is the perfect complement to any one of our bee embroideries.

What’s in the box:

 4m x 12mm cotton plaited rope 
 5m wire spool 
 4 x 10g Yarn Balls (100% Acrylic)
 10 cm die cut Birch Bee
 Black embroidery thread
 Hessian tape
Wooden placer bead
 Mini super glue
 2 x Chenille Needles
 A5 postcard
 How to pamphlet
 Welcome note

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