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Rainbow Brights


Product Description

Welcome to the Rainbow Brights Box! Inspired by the traditional rainbow colours, mimicking that miracle prism of light we are all amazed by when it appears. This design cannot help but bring joy to a room and once made up also makes the perfect gift for a loved one to whom this symbol means a lot to also. Whether that’s for a rainbow baby, Pride, the NHS or someone who simply just loves the design.

This weaving is part of a rainbow collection I have created to inspire and uplift. Hopefully you will find wrapping the yarn relaxing and be thrilled with the final result. This project is 38-40cm wide when made.

What’s in the box
4m x 12mm natural cotton rope
6 x Yarn Pack of Rainbow Bright’s colourway (100% Acrylic)
5m Wire
60cm x 20mm Navy Blue velvet ribbon
Chenille Needle 14
Sharps Needle 18
White embroidery thread
Wooden bead

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