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Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch


Product Description

Welcome to June's feature MakeBox, the Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch that really marks a moment in time! This is one of those lovely soothing crafts that can be picked up and put down, to be completed in your own time. This very special Home Sweet Home design is of the moment representing the things we have loved during lockdown. The elements of the design have come together using individual letters to celebrate the love we have for our homes, the place that has kept us safe and nurtured. Each letter has its own miniature symbol; a rainbow to support the NHS, a car parked still outside a blossoming tree, our pets, a comforting cup of tea plus a relaxing glass of wine! A little bike and of course bees, the queen and her essential worker bees all keeping busy. In this box you will learn some wonderful cross stitch techniques so you can truly master this historic artform. Mounted on a bespoke wooden board for that professional finish and hung with plush velvet ribbon. You will also find 3 lovely mini cross stitch designs that you can mount onto cards and send to loved ones.

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