We are back to our regular delivery schedule for shop boxes! Dispatched within 5 working days of purchase

How the pandemic may affect your order

Finding joy in craft is more important now than ever in this uncertain time, so we understand you may be extra eager to get your MakeBox. We are doing everything in our power to stick to delivery commitments, however there may be delays due to elements outside of our control. We have answered some FAQs below, but if you have any other queries please feel free to email us at info@makebox.co. We truly appreciate your patience, and can't thank you enough for supporting our small family-run business.

Q: Can I contact your customer service team? A: Of course, email us at info@makebox.co! We have expanded our team to cope with the volume of messages we’re receiving, and always aim to get back to you within two working days. However, we do ask you only email to check the status of your order if you have not received an update from us within two weeks.

Q: Where do you pack your orders? A: In our London offices where we have recently acquired extra warehouse space. We have also hired extra packers to maximise the amount of boxes we can process a day.

Q: How are you supporting your staff? A: Keeping our staff and their families safe is our highest priority. All staff are working from home where possible. Those who must be in the office to pack wear PPE and maintain physical distancing. We can't thank them enough.

Q: Can I catch COVID-19 through my box? A: Short answer – no. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised that coronaviruses do not survive long on packages, while Public Health England (PHE) has advised that handling mail does not pose any infection risk.

Q: What delays are you facing? A: Unpredictable delays are usually due to stock delivery from suppliers, or disruption to the Royal Mail service – more on that below. We will always keep you updated so you know when to expect your MakeBox!

Q: What's the deal with Royal Mail? A: They are (quite rightly) prioritising NHS deliveries, meaning our MakeBoxes may be pushed to the side and be subject to delays. Royal Mail are experiencing higher volumes than ever before and their distribution centres are working at maximum capacity. We have been advised to keep mailing, but Royal Mail ask that customers understand there will be delays.  We cannot thank Royal Mail enough for the amazing effort every staff member is making at the moment!

Q: Why should I craft during a coronavirus? A: Okay, this last question is just for fun. But we genuinely believe in the mental health and wellbeing benefits of crafting – there's even studies to prove it! It is our hope that MakeBoxes provide calmness, clarity and creativeness for each and every one of our customers during this trying time. We want to thank you again for being part of out community. 

20% off for key workers

We have always been passionate about the incredible work the NHS does, and understand that now, more than ever, we're reliant on them to get our country back to normality.

The extra strain can have a major impact on mental health and wellbeing, so as a thank you we're giving key workers 20% off all of our shop boxes. Simply contact info@makebox.co using your NHS email address to receive your discount code. 

We hope that this small gesture will provide some much-needed solace.