About our loyalty program

MakeBox+Co. isn't just about crafting, it's also about community! We have a loyalty program to thank our terrific customers for being part of our community. Every time you make a purchase you will earn MyMB Points that you can put towards future purchases. You will get £10 off for every 100 MyMB Points. Here's how many points you earn:

Subscription renewals – 30 MyMB Points

Store purchases – 25 MyMB Points

Referring a friend who makes a purchase – 25 MyMB Points

When you have accumulated enough points, click the 'Choose my Reward' button and you will be taken to the rewards screen. Your chosen reward will be automatically applied to your next transaction

Double the reason to refer a friend

But wait, there's more! In addition to the MyMB Points you receive for referring a friend, you will also get a free box when you refer two friends who become customers.

Meaning every time you successfully refer two friends you will get a free box AND £5 off in MyMB Points.

There's never been a better time to share the crafting love!